Where it all started...

BURST was started 12 years ago when the University of Bath decided to compete in the International Submarine Races in the USA. Having started from nothing, it took us four years to build the first submarine, SeaBomb, which came second in it's category in 2007.

Back then we weren't a large team, we'd only just started and didn't have much support so we had to make do with what little space and resources we had. We even worked as bag packers at Sainsbury's just to earn enough money to buy what we needed.

Encouraged by the success of our first submarine, we designed another for the races in 2009, a hybrid submarine called Sulis, propelled by flapping wings and a propeller. Unfortunately, things weren't going as well as we'd hoped. The build quality wasn't great and Sulis didn't do very well at the races, so we were told that we had to improve.

The team in 2011 decided to turn things around and started designing Minerva, our first entry into the faster, propeller division. It was going to be our best, most impressive, highest quality submarine built so far. Minerva reached speeds of 3.3kts, came in 10th place out of 20, and won the prize for Best Use of Composites.

In 2012, the University of Bath helped to co-found a new competition called the European International Submarines Races, which would be held in the UK and feature a more challenging course involving turns. For this competition, we entered Minerva with some success.

As we learned from our mistakes, and built upon what we had accomplished before, things were getting better, and in 2013, we designed and built our 4th submarine called Menrva. With better build quality and performance at the races, 2013 was our best year so far.

BURST is now stronger than ever. Last year, we began work on our latest submarine, Salacia, which was raced at the ISR last summer coming top out of all British teams. Salacia is now back in the workshop and we are working hard on improving it ready for the races later this year. With more students, more support and greater confidence and pride in our team, the future for BURST is promising.